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The Center Strikes Back is dedicated to fixing our broken politics by changing how we do our elections. Something is clearly wrong when polling says 80% of voters are dissatisfied with the performance of Congress, yet 90% of the incumbents who run for re-election will be re-elected.

We have the unsatisfactory behaviors and outcomes we have from elected officials because of the way we elect them to office. We will, therefore, continue to have unsatisfactory behavior and outcomes so long as we continue to use our existing election system. Those behaviors as done today are a threat to our individual and collective prosperity. If we want different behaviors and outcomes that will remove the threat to our prosperity then we must change the way we do elections.

What’s different about this political Blog?

What’s different about our Blog is this. Other Political Blogs are focused on the performance of the horses (candidates) running on the existing racetrack under the current established rules. Their purpose is to convince you to believe in only their political philosophy and the candidates who support their philosophy.

This Blog believes the way the existing racetrack is laid out and the rules used to run the race are not in the best interests of the people who will have to live with the race’s results. This Blog’s purpose, therefore, is to argue for common sense changes to the racetrack and its rules for this enterprise we call Elections.

Specifically, we want install changes to our Elections to:
-Enable more competition and do away with wasted votes by eliminating the spoiler scenario.
-Make all Congressional seats competitive by eradicating Gerrymandering.
-Make all 50 states competitive and all votes count in Presidential Elections.

Stated another way, the way things are now the layout of the racetrack and its rules limits the kind of horses that can run the race and the choices voters have for picking the horse they want and is unable to provide a clear winner the majority of voters can be satisfied with.

The changes we argue for will give voters more choices, candidates more competition, and a result the majority of voters can be satisfied with.

To be candid, although we certainly have feelings about the existing horses, the changes we propose do not favor our horses over others. Our changes will make voters better able to hold candidates accountable. In fact, the objections to our proposals come from those who want to avoid accountability by continuing to limit voters’ choices and candidates’ competition. That’s why those objections are invalid.

Using our theme, some would say the problem is with the horses/candidates themselves. We disagree. The problem is how the racetrack is laid out and the rules used for running the race. If the candidates are horses and the voters are the jockeys, then the horses are only doing what the jockeys tell them to do in order to win. Think of it this way. Do you do things on your job that will cause you to be punished rather than rewarded? The answer is no, isn’t it? In the same way, horses and their jockeys are only doing what they need to do to be rewarded.

By changing the way we do our elections, we will change the way candidates are rewarded. We will thereby change how candidates campaign and how they perform once elected.

To reiterate, what is different about our Blog, then, is that we are not focused on the performance of the horses and which horse to bet on. We are instead focused on how the racetrack is laid out and the rules used to run the race. We think there are three changes that need to be made (See our DVD program, “Why the Two Party System Isn’t Working Anymore”). The entries in this Blog provide you with clear examples of why our recommended changes are needed. Those examples will enable you to persuade your own friends, family, neighbors and elected officials of both the necessity and value of these changes.

Thanks for reading. Please help us make these changes.

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