Category: Articles Showing the Need for Election Reform

Articles about Election Processes and results or current political debates. The articles featured demonstrate why Election Reform is needed to avoid and/or resolve the conflicts and inconclusive results our politics gives us now.

We recommend switching to Ranked Choice Voting and talk about it a lot. Here’s a new video that explains how it works.

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Excellent editorial by Thomas Frank. Why are the super rich able to achieve what he writes about? Because our election system has morphed. We vote, not based on Party membership, but because we are influenced by the ads on TV …

Thomas Frank–Why Have We Built A Paradise for Off Shore Billionaires? Read More »

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Canada is also interested in Election Reform and Ranked Choice Voting. Here’s an OpEd from a Canadian newspaper. We really like this quote from the OpEd. “Proponents of first-past-the-post do not recognize that elections should be about representation; they believe …

Why Is Bill Tieleman Afraid of Democracy? Read More »

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The details behind the need for a “People’s Veto” in Maine. Kyle Bailey is quoted. Explosive 24 Hours: Maine Voters Rise Up Against State Lawmakers

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Source of data as of Nov 15, 16 Trump + Clinton Winner No. of Votes for Total Old Electors New System State Electors Trump Clinton Votes Other System Trump Clinton Other AL 9 1306925 718084 2025009 53156 T 6 …

Raw Calculations for the 2016 Electoral College Read More »

Explanation for Our Three Voting Reform Proposals Here is a more detailed explanation of reasons for, workings of and impact of implementing our three proposals. Please note these alternative forms of voting are not new. They are already in use …

Explanation of Voting Reform Proposals Read More »

Draft Survey Letter to State Level Candidates Your name Your Street Address Your City, State and Zip Code Date Subject: Request for Your Position on Proposed Legislation Good Afternoon, (Salutation, Last Name) Congratulations on your nomination for the office of …

Draft Survey Letter to State Level Candidates Read More »

Fall 2016 Appearances in the Kansas City Area by The Center Strikes Back Election Reform Advocate Larry R. Bradley has four presentations scheduled for the Greater Kansas City area. Each of these informative presentations will demonstrate why American elections fail …

Upcoming Fall 2016 Presentations by Larry R. Bradley Read More »

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We are going to continue to hear that Hillary Clinton’s role at Benghazi makes her unfit to be President. If you’re looking for an unbiased assessment of what went on there, then we think you should be very interested in …

An Unbiased Assessment of Benghazi Read More »

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I saw this Facebook posting by a friend of mine. He makes some thoughtful observations. I’m sharing this with his permission. “Grant Mussman about Trump and Clinton “Disclaimer – political post – longer than short. “After an early fascination with …

Comments by a Friend: A Question about Hillary vs. Trump Read More »

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