Month: November 2017

How Does Ranked Choice Voting Work?

We recommend switching to Ranked Choice Voting and talk about it a lot. Here’s a new video that explains how it works.

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Thomas Frank–Why Have We Built A Paradise for Off Shore Billionaires?

Excellent editorial by Thomas Frank. Why are the super rich able to achieve what he writes about? Because our election system has morphed. We vote, not based on Party membership, but because we are influenced by the ads on TV

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Why Is Bill Tieleman Afraid of Democracy?

Canada is also interested in Election Reform and Ranked Choice Voting. Here’s an OpEd from a Canadian newspaper. We really like this quote from the OpEd. “Proponents of first-past-the-post do not recognize that elections should be about representation; they believe

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Uprising in Maine over Ranked Choice Voting

The details behind the need for a “People’s Veto” in Maine. Kyle Bailey is quoted. Explosive 24 Hours: Maine Voters Rise Up Against State Lawmakers

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Larry Bradley’s Ezine #391

Weekly Ezine Number 391 Our OpEd in the Kansas City Star The People’s Veto in Maine Our OpEd in the Kansas City Star We’re very pleased to announce that we have had an OpEd, not just a Letter to the

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