Comments by a Friend: A Question about Hillary vs. Trump

I saw this Facebook posting by a friend of mine. He makes some thoughtful observations. I’m sharing this with his permission.

“Grant Mussman about Trump and Clinton

“Disclaimer – political post – longer than short.

“After an early fascination with “The Donald,” I have backed off of relatively mundane FB analysis of America’s fascination with celebrity, regardless of quality/qualification. I surmised that I didn’t need to add to the Donald conversation to give it any more weight or momentum even with my tiny little voice, regardless how it was going to play out versus his primary opponents and/or ultimate general opponent.

“Once known, as I have done in the past two cycles, I subscribed to the text feed of both candidates. I just received this from Mr. Trump and had a thought that I just had to share to gauge what others opinions are.

“I’m fine the Donald calls her “Crooked Hillary”. Is there ANYONE in America who was unaware the Clintons carry baggage and their R friends like to load em up with as many anvils as possible? I think she’s lied many times in her life, sometimes for personal gain, sometimes for public benefit. I think Bill did too. Whether the volume, or severity, of the lies is greater or less than other politicians of comparable stature, I have no idea. I trust some of you have a far better gauge, or at least strong opinions on that.

“But here is my question, and reason for engaging my politically engaged Facebook friends:

“Does ANYONE think that Donald isn’t a liar? Isn’t crooked? So is making this he focal point of his reason to vote against Hillary (I suppose aka for him) going to move the needle one iota. I’m a strategy geek, a political wonk with a understanding of branding, marketing, and sports psychology (at least as much as any other rabid fan). I just don’t get it.

“When Mike Riley, heralded by many far beyond Nebraska’s borders as “a good guy,” has a rape victim, who says that at one point hated him more than her perpetrators, because “How could a ‘good guy’ support such evil?,” that carries water.

“The Don calling Hillary “crooked” feels like a complete waste of whatever free publicity he can still eek out. As a strategy, theoretically with the goal being winning, I just don’t get it and wondered if I’m missing something.”


Here is mine. This is a further demonstration of the need for Election Reform. If the two major parties both nominate poor candidates, then there needs to be a third party with a legitimate chance of winning we can vote for.

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2 comments on “Comments by a Friend: A Question about Hillary vs. Trump
  1. Rick Savage says:

    Agreed. When are you going to run for political office Larry? I wonder how corrupt I would be as a politician today had my wife supported me as opposed to saying she did not want me to continue in the political arena? Would I still have been re-elected? The people get what they deserve in the long run.

    • You’re the second person to bring that question up recently, Rick. My reluctance is based on (1) the fact that if I run for office and win then to a large degree I lose freedom of maneuver to pursue this cause. And (2) given what a blunt person I am, I wonder if I could be elected. 🙂 Your last statement is reminding me of a statement out of the success literature. Give me a bit and I’ll think of it. I think it’s Jim Rohn. Ah, yes. Life doesn’t give you what you need, it gives you what you deserve.

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