Larry Bradley’s Ezine #374 What Does Trump’s “Access Hollywood” Tape Teach Us About Election Reform?

Weekly Ezine Number 374

What Else Is Being Said About Election Reform?
What Does Trump’s “Access Hollywood” Tape Teach Us About Election Reform?

Notice: The thoughts offered in this Ezine are not intended to either support or oppose any individual candidate for the 2016 election. The thoughts are, instead, (as always) intended to demonstrate the inadequacy of our current election processes and offer solutions to make those processes better

What Else Is Being Said About Election Reform?

Once again, this week’s paragraph one is a collection of writings with a variety of lessons about how we run our elections and our politics.

This offering from Seth Godin reminds me of the saying often attributed to both Mark Twain and Will Rogers. “It isn’t what we know that gives us trouble. It’s what we know that’s just not so.”

Here’s another one from Seth, “What’s at the Bottom of the River?” It talks about making ourselves better by being willing to change how we’re doing things.

We have been trying to educate our readers that voting for just a Presidential candidate is unlikely to result in the government you want unless that President has a majority in both houses of Congress who agrees with their ideas. Accordingly, for those who are considering voting for Gary Johnson, we offer this article : Do You Know What the Libertarian Party Stands for?
Do Libertarian Converts Know What the Party Actually Stands For? | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive C

Here is a thought provoking article from “The Resurgent” which contends both Parties are trying to offer a return to the 1950s, albeit different versions of that time: Hag ridden by the future while longing for the 50s

Why did Hillary Clinton call Trump supporters “Deplorable”? We call your attention to the article because it explores not just what was said, but the strategy behind saying it, given our existing political structure. So, maybe if we change the structure we would be less likely to hear comments like this in a political campaign.

Question: Why Did Hillary Call Trump Supporters ‘Deplorable?’

Predictions of how the Presidential Race will turn out (as written prior to the Trump video). We seem to be having a situation (as one pundit put it) where voters tell pollsters one thing and then vote for something else. That’s why we thought you would be interested in this article.

What Does Trump’s “Access Hollywood” Tape Teach Us About Election Reform?

We had this Ezine pretty well written. And then the bombshell exploded about the Trump “Access Hollywood” tape with its undeniably crude sexual references. So, we’re going to use the same basic information we had planned to use, but with a slightly different lesson.

Let’s make this clear up front. The lesson we’re going to talk about here may be based on a Republican experience, but the lesson applies to all political parties and for what Independent Voters should be looking for in the candidates of political parties. What goes around comes around and there but for the grace of God go we.

Here is what we were going to offer. We had a chance this week to attend a program where Jeff Roe of Axiom Strategies was being interviewed. Roe was Ted Cruz’s Presidential Campaign manager. Regardless of your political leanings, we found the interview to be compelling and insightful. Here are a couple of highlights from our point of view.

o Roe first knew Trump was going to be formidable from polling done in August/September of 2015. In a multi-candidate field, people being polled are always asked who their second choice is. Trump was everyone’s second choice.

o Roe said that if Trump had run as a Democrat instead, then he would have got their nomination.

o Finally (there’s lots more, but we’re going to leave it here) Roe knew from talking with his peers that each of the Republican Presidential candidates felt that if they could have made it a one on one race between themselves and Trump that they could have won.

Here is why we think that last point is especially important—and how it relates to the tape.

The last point is especially important because the structure of our elections, particularly the type of ballot we use, will never allow the voters to make the contest one on one between a Trump and one other candidate. As a result, as we have demonstrated here in earlier Ezines, Trump was able to win the Republican nomination with only a plurality of the vote. The Republicans were unable to validate him or one of his opponents as the consensus majority choice to be the Party’s standard bearer. (See these earlier Ezines. , , )

The lessons, therefore, for all political parties are these. Support election reform that will ensure that

Your nominee is the consensus choice of the majority of the party’s membership.
(Just like a back-up quarterback is established in the exhibition season) the number two finisher is clearly determined and waiting in the wings should a disqualifying gaffe, illness or death occur to the nominee.
Party rules and procedures are in place to address such an eventuality.

As things are, Republicans are likely going to have to stick with Trump, no matter what. That’s because (to bring up one other point Roe made) “We knew when Scalia died we were going to have to support the Republican nominee no matter what.”

If I were Trump, even if elected, I would be watching my back. That’s because I think Republicans would have no hesitation to impeach Trump at the first opportunity and replace him with Pence. In fact, that possibility may be what will keep Pence on the ticket.

See you next time.


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