Larry Bradley’s Ezine #380 Why Did Clinton Lose?

Weekly Ezine Number 380

Notice: Our Ezines are not intended to either support or oppose any individual candidate for election or government official. The thoughts are, instead, always intended to demonstrate the inadequacy of our current election processes and offer solutions to make those processes better. Our hope is by implementing better processes American citizens will gain a more efficient and effective government with less conflict and more consensus.

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Why Did Clinton Lose?

Need Gift Ideas for Political Junkies?

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Why Did Clinton Lose?

One of my strengths/signature themes is competition. I, like many, am fascinated by competition. I am driven by competition. Competition is good for us. It’s how we get better, but we must be both diligent and vigilant to ensure competition takes place on as level a playing surface as possible. We must ensure a competitor is not tilting the surface in their favor and against ours. In the aftermath of a competition, analysis is always done. Lessons are sought to be applied to future competitions. Did the winner win because they were superior? Or did the loser lose because they were inferior?

What I have for you today are two articles that focus more on the second question and explore the topic of “Why did Clinton lose?” Then I have some other thoughts the two articles don’t cover. The first article clearly blames Clinton and the mistakes the author sees now in hindsight.

Hillary Clinton Blew the Most Winnable Election in American History—And It’s Her Fault.

This second article is incredibly detailed and revolves around one of the first lessons I learned in sales—Everything counts! You say people shouldn’t make a decision because of how you dress or how long your hair is? That may be true, but it’s also irrelevant because people do make a decision based on those factors. The article encompasses both macro and micro views of how the voting went and also explores the motivations that drove voters to make the decisions they did. When you read the main article you will find the author has linked to some very informative material. This is long, but it’s worth it.

Everything Mattered: Lessons from 2016’s Bizarre Presidential Election

Now allow me to present three other reasons I think Clinton lost. First, the Democrats were foolish enough to nominate her. In war, you do not want to be predictable in your actions. That means (among other things) that you do not attack on a path (if you can help it) where your enemies have their guns zeroed in and lots of ammunition to shoot. Nominating Clinton gave Republicans the candidate they were most prepared to oppose with legitimate reasons to oppose her. In fact, my thought is that some voters voted for someone other than Clinton in order to silence the drumbeat of negativity they were sure would continue should she be elected. And, given that the drumbeats have ceased (have you heard anything about Benghazi or email servers lately?) since Clinton lost, I would say they got their wish.

The other two reasons revolve around the fact white college educated women did not vote for her in nearly the overwhelming numbers one might have assumed they would. Why is that?

The first of those two reasons is something I learned a long time ago from reading and listening to motivational speaker Zig Ziglar. Ziglar was talking about setting goals for yourself. He said if you want to do something that is a basic self-improvement to make yourself better (losing weight, for example), then you should tell everyone what you’re trying to do. Other people will support such a goal and encourage you.

But don’t, Zig said, tell people about your aspirational goals. Don’t tell them you want to be the top producer in your real estate office. Don’t tell them you want to start the number one business of its kind in your area. If you do, there are lots of people who will make it their business to rain on your parade. Those people will tell you all the reasons your project is doomed before you start and why you shouldn’t even try. There are many people who don’t want you to succeed because if you do (and they haven’t), then you will be superior to them and they can’t stand that thought.

To make their point, I have often heard the success masters talk about lobsters in a bucket. Did you know that if you are catching lobsters and you place the ones you’ve caught in a bucket that you don’t have to put a lid on the bucket? You don’t, because if one of the lobsters tries to escape the other lobsters in the bucket will pull that lobster back down into the bucket with them.

So, what does that mean about why Clinton didn’t have as high a support among white college educated women as pundits assumed she would? Likely there are many reasons, but I would add to the list the emotion of jealousy acted out by the sabotage of not voting for Clinton.

Now, here’s my second reason based on my knowledge of human nature and psychological frailties of why some white women, college educated or not, didn’t vote for Clinton.

I hesitated to write about this, because it was based largely on some general observations and life experiences of mine. But then I found this passage from one of the articles linked to within “Everything Counts” and I confirmed for myself I should bring this up. The article was entitled, Finding Hope in a Loveless Place. Here’s the link and a quote from this excellent essay.

Finding Hope in a Loveless Place

“At the Donald Trump rally I heard white women swoon at the thought of catching his eye from the stage. Women in their fifties giggled like school girls over how sexy he is.”

The reason I suspected this has to do with the movie Dirty Dancing. Yes, that one.

I’m showing my age here, but my first (late) wife saw the movie for the first time on HBO. After it was over, she told me that the reason the movie has such popularity is that one of the primary fantasies women have is that they are the ones with the power to tame the bad boy, the Alpha Male. And before you disagree too loudly, think of all the high selling Harlequin bodice ripper books out there

And so, I will suggest to you that the reason a significant amount of white women voted for Trump is that they were attracted to him as a “bad boy”. You can say that’s awful, and you might say that when it works against you, but not when it works for you. (Think John F. Kennedy, among others. And for Republicans, think possibly Mitt Romney. Or Sarah Palin. Men like bad girls, too.)

Now should voters vote based on factors like these? Probably not, but how do you propose to stop it? But it is a factor campaigns should account for.

After all, everything counts.

See you next time.



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