Larry Bradley’s Ezine #386 How Did We Get Here Politically?

Weekly Ezine Number 386

How Did We Get Here Politically?
What’s Worthwhile Reading from Last Week?

How Did We Get Here Politically?

Based on our last Ezine #385, ( ) one of our readers called our attention to his brother’s Blog. We found his January entry to be informative, thought provoking and amusing. We are, therefore, going to share it with you. I will offer a few comments.

The entire posting is a consolidation of what you find in Rule and Ruin, and an excellent one at that.

Paragraph 31 is the key to the entire Conservative/Republican philosophy. I’ve said this myself.

This posting begins in 1952, but you could easily begin with 1932, when Roosevelt got in. But that means you need to back up and describe why 1929 happened. And that takes you all the way back to WWI. And that takes you back to Teddy Roosevelt. And that takes you back to the Post Civil War Gilded Age. And that takes you back to the Civil War. And that takes you back to what happened to cause the Civil War. And that takes you back to the Revolution. It’s an endless cycle of trying to apply the law of cause and effect.

And, I know it’s simplistic, but you have to ask the question. Why in these enlightened times aren’t we able to apply the lessons of history to solve our problems and put ourselves on a track the majority of us can agree on for the long term? It’s because the election system we use won’t let us put people in place who will set policy, write laws and approve budgets that does the things the majority of us agrees to and stays away from doing the things the majority of us disagrees with.

To make basically the same metaphor I made in Paragraph One last week, no matter what happened on the last play in a game, winning requires focusing on the next play, time after time, until there are no more plays to be run.

Unfortunately, there is no game clock that governs how we run our government. So to preserve our freedom, well-being and pursuit of happiness, we must be eternally vigilant.

Here is the link to the brother’s Blog.

What’s Worthwhile Reading from Last Week?

Here are some things we’ve found that offer lessons and insights about elections and politics we think are worthwhile. They were first posted on our Facebook page, but if you missed them, here they are.

Why have geographical Congressional districts at all? Go with proportional representation instead. Make the only boundary that matters be the state boundary.

Red State (A Conservative Blog) today indirectly offers a path to victory in 2018 for progressives.…/

What I think interesting about comparisons of the Republican Tea Party in 2010 and the Democrats in 2018 is how hard and rapidly the pendulum swings. That’s because we use a ballot that doesn’t let us as voters clearly define what we want vs. what we don’t want and create a party to vote for that reflects that balance.…/what-if-both-rahm-emanuel-and-berni…/

Where Trump skeptics within the GOP think the GOP is headed.…/trump-skeptics-tell-us-wher…/…

More validation of what we offered in Ezine #385. No, Trump will not make things better.…/no-trump-will-not-make-thin…?

This is what happens when we have elections that do not allow a majority, rather than a plurality, winner to be determined.…/trump-freefall-disapproval-ra…

This should just flat piss you off. I once wrote an Ezine about the topic of fairness in elections. For you to call yourself a champion, a winner, then you must meet all your competitors on a level playing field and defeat them. This is a clear move to be able to tilt the playing field by limiting the competition.…/house-republicans-just-voted-t…/

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