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Weekly Ezine Number 391

Our OpEd in the Kansas City Star
The People’s Veto in Maine

Our OpEd in the Kansas City Star

We’re very pleased to announce that we have had an OpEd, not just a Letter to the Editor, published in the Kansas City Star. The OpEd explains the evils of the Spoiler Scenario, how that Scenario is enabled by the ballot we use now, and why Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is the solution we need to enable voters to vote without fear.

If you live in Missouri, the OpEd also gives you the link to the website for the referendum to establish RCV here. Please participate. You can print off the referendum form, fill it out and take it to be notarized. Then you can mail it in.

Here is a link to the OpEd.

The People’s Veto in Maine

One of the other things we mentioned in the OpEd is the battle to authorize the use of RCV in state wide elections in Maine.

Larry recently attended a voting reform summit put on by in Wa D.C. One of those attending was Kyle Bailey. Kyle is the Campaign Manager for the Maine Committee for Ranked Choice Voting. Kyle sent me an email talking about their efforts to mount a people’s veto so RCV will be authorized in Maine. I’m going to copy and paste it below. That way you can see the level of effort required to make RCV a reality. Even if you don’t live in Maine, you can help. The link takes you to their web page and their web page has a donation page.

This is a critical time. Maine is setting a precedent. If RCV succeeds there, then getting approved elsewhere will be easier. The converse is true, too. Let’s help RCV succeed.

Here’s the email.

Larry —
Together, we collected more than 33,000 signatures last Tuesday to place the People’s Veto to restore Ranked Choice Voting on the June 2018 ballot. That’s amazing. But don’t pop the champagne cork yet. We must collect another 30,000 signatures by December 15th to save election reform.
This will be the biggest test our movement has ever faced. Will you help us achieve what the naysayers and cynics say we can’t do by serving as a #MoreVoice Team Captain to help recruit additional petition circulators in your area and connect with your neighbors who want to sign?
Sign up here to be a #MoreVoice Team Captain and play a critical role in empowering Maine people to insist on more voice and more choice in our democracy!
To save election reform, we need everyone who has ever donated, written a letter to the editor, knocked on doors, or made phone calls in support of RCV to collect one signature each day over the next 30 days. This is a monumental undertaking.

That’s why we need you to sign up online here to be a #MoreVoice Team Captain and help us support volunteers across Maine.
As a #MoreVoice Team Captain, your name will be listed on our website along with your town and any contact information that you designate. We will not list addresses, only the email and/or phone number that you explicitly designate so people in your area who want to join the movement can contact you about signing and circulating.
One week ago today, you helped to beat our own record set back in 2014 for the largest, last-minute Election Day signature collection push in Maine’s history. We had less than 15 hours before the polls opened to print and distribute petitions to more than 400 volunteers across the state. Dedicated volunteers fanned out across the state and dropped off petition packets at front doors well into the morning hours.
When we submit the 61,123 valid signatures needed to place the People’s Veto on the June 2018 ballot, we’ll freeze the voter-approved law in place and Maine’s Secretary of State will be required to implement Ranked Choice Voting for the June 2018 primary elections. Once RCV is implemented, there’s no going back. Maine voters will never again choose first-past-the-post, winner-take-all elections over having the power to rank candidates and expressing their hopes, not their fears.
We’re on a roll. Thank you for considering our request to sign up online here to become a #MoreVoice Team Captain. Let’s do this.
— Kyle Bailey, Campaign Manager

Paid for by the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting
See you next time.



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