Larry Bradley’s Ezine #395 Are You a Political Purist or a Pragmatist?

What Is Happening with Election Reform?
Are You a Political Purist or a Pragmatist?

What Is Happening with Election Reform?

Lots of things to write about regarding Election Reform. In fact, we find that so much is happening we have decided to always dedicate paragraph one to Election Reform news.

We are at a critical time for Maine approving and using Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). Kyle Bailey sent us this email. We hope you will help Maine approve RCV.

“Yesterday, U.S. Senator Angus King told Maine Public that he’s voting YES ON 1 next Tuesday, June 12th.
“A high number of voters said this is something they want, and I don’t like the idea that we essentially voided what the voters said,” said Angus, adding that, “many states have runoffs, but this is a way of doing it without all the time, trouble and money of having a separate election.”

Politicians in Augusta have repealed or fundamentally altered all four of the ballot initiatives that were approved by Maine voters in 2016, including Ranked Choice Voting. Angus understands the damage that does to our democracy.

Fortunately, we have the power to stand up to the politicians in Augusta and put more power in the hands of the Maine people by voting YES ON 1 to protect Ranked Choice Voting on Tuesday.

The biggest challenge we face now is educating thousands of Maine voters who support Ranked Choice Voting that voting YES ON 1 protects Ranked Choice Voting because the question as written isn’t clear for many voters. Over the next six days, we’re calling as many supporters as we can to make this clear and we need your help.

Please click here to let us know if you’re available to make calls, knock on doors, distribute literature, or send text messages to help us clarify for voters that YES ON 1 protects Ranked Choice Voting.

Once you sign up, we’ll contact you to discuss how you can best help. Thank you for taking action now to help us protect your voice and your choice, and thank you for voting YES ON 1.


— Kyle Bailey, Campaign Manager”

We have also become aware of a ballot initiative in Nevada to institute RCV. If you live in Nevada or know someone who does, please make them aware of this effort and try to persuade them to support it.

Also, Common Dreams published an excellent article about efforts to eradicate gerrymandering. We still contend the best counter to gerrymandering is Proportional Representation.

We have even more articles about Election Reform on our Facebook page.

Are You a Political Purist or a Pragmatist?

I am always grateful for an opportunity to attend political events. Such was the case recently when I attended the “Unconvention” in Omaha put on by the Road to Freedom Foundation. We got to speak there and to sit on a panel session about Election Reform.

One of the benefits of events like this one is the exposure to different perspectives. In this case, someone else got the exposure and brought the different perspective to my attention. Like me, Frank is someone interested in Election Reform. He realizes our current system isn’t working and we need to change the system.

Frank was trying to explain both RCV and Approval Voting to someone. The reaction of that person was that if they couldn’t have their first choice candidate, then they were not interested in being able to have a second choice. That person’s belief was that if they couldn’t have their first choice, then they didn’t want a second choice. That person was a political purist. Probably their favorite song from the Disco era is “If I Can’t Have You.”

Instead, their song should be the Rolling Stones’, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

This is more in keeping with the life advice I learned from Jim Rohn. Jim taught that you should, “Learn to be happy with what you have while you pursue all you want.”

What that means is that voting systems like RCV and Approval Voting will better enable voters to get away from an “all or nothing” mentality. Studies show voters who are able to use RCV are better satisfied with election outcomes. Those who voted for the eventual winner as a second or third choice report the thought that the winner, “May not be my first choice, but they are acceptable.”

Further, the majority find the result tolerable. Contrast this with our current system that allows plurality winners. That system results in the majority being dissatisfied with the results. This dissatisfaction is a prime cause of the angst we see today over our politics.

Purists, indeed all voters, need to become pragmatic. They need to realize that in our system of government, you either have a seat at the table or you’re on the menu. Things like RCV, Approval Voting and Proportional Representation will better enable more voters to be represented at the table.

See you next time.



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