Larry Bradley’s Weekly Ezine #399 What Questions Should Voters Ask Candidates?

Weekly Ezine Number 399

What Is Happening with Election Reform?
What Questions Should Voters Ask Candidates?

What Is Happening with Election Reform?

–To repeat in case you missed it in the last Ezine, I have several presentations about Election Reform to give over the next two months. Here are the dates with some additional details I didn’t have last time.

Sep 17, Sioux City, IA West Iowa Technical Community College, Dr. Robert E. Dunker Student Center (W108) 12:00 Noon

Sep 19, Boone, IA (10 miles West of Ames), Boone Campus of Des Moines Area Community College, 9:00 a. m. in their Theater/Auditorium.

Sep 19, West Des Moines, IA, West Des Moines Campus of Des Moines Area Community College, 12:00 Noon in the building’s auditorium.

Sep 20, Park University Campus, 8700 NW River Park Drive, Parkville, MO 64152 in their Graham Tyler Memorial Chapel, 7:00 p.m.

These presentations are open to the public. In addition, I have two other private presentations.

The first is at Emporia State University in Emporia, KS on Oct 8 at 1:00 p.m. The second is for a Political Science Society of Fellows associated with the Kinder Institute at Missouri University on Oct 24 at 5:30 p.m.

If you live near those areas where I’m doing a public presentation I hope you will come and hear my program. I am also open to doing another program in those locations if you know of a group of people who have an interest in my doing so.

–This article describes the difference between a tax cut and a tax deferral that’s likely to pop up and bite you somewhere down the road.

–A basic fact we seem to forget is we fought the Revolution so we would not be ruled by Kings. Just as you get your tires balanced and your wheels aligned on your car, we need articles like this that remind us of our beginnings.

Some excellent back and forth on the Electoral College and the National Popular Vote proposal. We disagree, of course. See our three proposals on the web site. Also, repeat after me, getting a Constitutional Amendment to get rid of the Electoral College is damn near impossible.

What Questions Should Voters Ask Candidates?

Recently I told friends that Labor Day weekend is the time of year that growing grass becomes a downhill task, not an uphill one. Similarly, now is the time to find and elect candidates for office who will support election reform solutions such as RCV.

There is an opportunity to put these solutions in effect for future elections because there’s is still time for American voters to determine which of the candidates running for spots in their State or Federal government will empower voters and improve their elections with RCV. Don’t wait for the candidates to come to you. Go to their rallies and ask their position where others can hear. If there are no rallies/town halls to attend, then email them via their web sites.

Ask the candidates nominated for positions in your state legislature questions like these. Do you favor the use of RCV in elections? Will you introduce and/or co-sponsor and vote for legislation that will establish the use of RCV in Kansas? Will you also support and vote for the funding needed to make RCV happen in Kansas? If the candidate you ask doesn’t know what RCV is (or you yourself want to know more about the topic), then refer them to websites like or, but demand they give you an answer.

Ask similar questions of candidates running for state wide offices like governor, Attorney General or Secretary of State. For governor, will you campaign for and sign legislation and budgeting enabling RCV? For Attorney General, will you support RCV if approved RCV legislation is challenged in court? For Secretary of State, if RCV becomes law, will you support its implementation?

For a Federal office candidate, we suggest this question. If elected, will you support the Fair Representation Act now currently introduced in Congress? (HR 3057 )

The answers to those questions may well provide insights into the candidates that will help make the decision about who to vote for a much easier one to make. The reality is you can’t vote for people who oppose RCV or simply hope the candidates you vote for will support RCV and then expect to be able to use RCV in future elections.

Bad government begins with bad election processes. As an American voter, you now know how to get the solution to your problem. Whether you get that solution is up to you. Remember, insanity is doing the same thing the same way and expecting different results. Let’s do something sane and never again experience the spoiler scenario we have today with our current ballot.

See you next time.



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