Larry Bradley’s Ezine #402 Can’t We All Get Along (Politically)?

Weekly Ezine Number 402

What Is Happening with Election Reform?
Can’t We All Just Get Along (Politically)?

What Is Happening with Election Reform?
Want intelligent information about a candidate? Then we urge you to check out . We had the pleasure of visiting their offices in September and they have a truly first class, non-partisan operation.
Are you an under 30 years of age voter (or wanting to engage one)? Then you should relate to this article.
The Constitution was written to prevent tyranny of the majority. We are now seeing a failure to also guard against the tyranny of the minority. We’ll discuss this more after the election.
Can’t We All Just Get Along (Politically)?

There’s a school of thought going around, born of the frustration with this election season and political ads. That school of thought says we all want the same things, we just disagree on how to achieve them. So why can’t we realize that and all get along?

Well, the truth is, we don’t all want the same things.

Jim Rohn said, “If you don’t weed the garden, the weeds will take it.”

And so, my friends, with the election tomorrow it’s time for us to recognize the garden is on the verge of being taken by the weeds. That takeover is being aided and abetted by too many of our fellow citizens who are (for a variety of reasons we won’t get into) unwilling or unable to recognize the difference between a weed and a desirable garden plant.

As I mentioned in my last Ezine, I have recently finished reading Nancy MacLean’s “Democracy in Chains.” What the book describes is a systematic attempt by a misguided wealthy few to dismantle the safeguards of our Constitutional Republic for the many and replace those safeguards with an Oligarchy of, by and for the ultra-wealthy. These are folks who want to dismantle the rule of law based on the will of the majority. (Read the book and you’ll find out why. Or, lacking the time to read the book, read this article. )

Unfortunately, those efforts have found a home in the Republican Party and threaten to come to irrevocable fruition if the Republicans manage to retain majorities in the U.S, House of Representatives and the Senate. Much the same thing can be said of many state legislatures. Republicans have been successful both because they’ve been masterful at hiding their true agenda from their supporters and some of their supporters think Republicans will help them achieve a policy item the majority would reject. They have needed that skill, because they know their support would evaporate immediately if that true agenda were revealed. Lately, however, Republicans have become bolder and have already announced that if they win they intend to do things like slash the benefits and budgets of things like Medicare and Social Security.

As you know, we are focused here on changing the rules of our elections. Unfortunately, we are going to have to have this election using the existing rules. Accordingly, knowing what we know, we feel our duty is to inform you of what we think is the best course of action to take tomorrow. And what we think is that the best course of action is to use your vote strategically to live to fight another day politically in a Constitutional Republic where rule of law and the will of the majority prevails.

Here’s what that means to you.

The goal tomorrow is to take control of the House and the Senate away from Republicans so that the current occupant of the White House can be constrained and his damage limited until he can be replaced. Why are we so opposed to Republicans? Beyond what we wrote above, we suggest you listen to these interviews with prominent lifelong Republicans Steve Schmidt (Senator John McCain’s 2008 Presidential Campaign Manager) and “Sully” Sullenberger, the hero pilot who saved his passenger and crew by landing his disabled plane in the Hudson River. They very intelligently and articulately their own reasons for opposition. Here’s Schmidt. Here’s Sullenberger.

Given the current rules, simply voting against the Republican candidates is not enough. As a voter, you cannot say, “I won’t vote for Republicans, but I can’t stand Democrats, so I’m going to vote for a third party (or an independent candidate).” Such an approach is shooting yourself in the foot and admiring your marksmanship. Such an approach will result in Republicans retaining power. The reality that only the Democratic Party has sufficient size to come close to defeating the Republicans. Your vote as an Independent, Green, Libertarian or other third party member for Democratic candidates will cement Democratic victory and enable our current system of government to be preserved*.

You don’t like that reality? Then join the efforts of me and the others who are trying to change the election rules so that you are not forced into an either/or choice like you are now.

Still don’t want to vote for Democrats? Think that Democrats are for Open Borders and Socialism? That’s not true. I invite you to read this.

To reiterate, the goal tomorrow is (for their own good, as well as the rest of us) to force Republicans from office. Take away their elected positions and thereby deny them the ability to set policy, pass laws, approve budgets and nominate judges.

And then get to work with me and others like me to change the election laws so third parties will be competitive in the future and you will have better choices in future elections.

See you next time.



*In other words, the time has come to politically implement the equivalent of the Hell’s Angels By Law #13 that made them the most feared outlaw biker gang in the world. To wit, “If a non-angel swings on an angel, then all other angels will participate.” Ladies and Gentlemen, the non-angels of the Republican Party have swung on us. It’s time to participate.

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