Larry Bradley’s Ezine #407 Why Do We Need Ranked Choice Voting?

What Is Happening with Election Reform?

Why Do We Need Ranked Choice Voting?

What Is Happening with Election Reform?

Please help us with some of your time. Just your time, no money. Take a few minutes and see what marking a ranked choice ballot involves. Better Ballot KC has a sample ballot posted for the Mayoral election in Kansas City, MO. The more participants we have, the better. If you don’t live in Kansas City, that doesn’t matter. We just want a demonstration of how the ballot works with as large a sample as possible. Thanks very much for your help.

The Supreme Court this week heard two cases about gerrymandering. One was from North Carolina and the other from Virginia, which meant there was both a Republican and Democratic example. We need to rid ourselves of gerrymandering, but the true solution is not independent commissions to draw districts. The true solution is to replace geographical districts for Congress and state legislatures with Proportional Representation.

American Magazine had an excellent article about how the issue with our politics is not just who we elect, but how we vote. The article, in short, speaks to the same principles we speak to—that we need to restructure our elections in order to have better results from government.

Here is an excellent example of why we need Ranked Choice Voting in local elections. Here is another.

So once again we have provided you zero hyper partisanship and 100% fact based content to show you what we need to do to go from hyper partisanship to hyper pragmatism focused on problem solving. Please forward this to others with similar interests.

Why Do We Need Ranked Choice Voting?

Why do we need Ranked Choice Voting (RCV)? We need RCV because RCV will enable political parties to resolve what the majority of their membership actually stands for. Our system today allows hostile takeovers of our political parties by plurality winners. When a political party enables a candidate to win a nomination with only 30% or less of the vote, then the party stands for whatever the 30% is for and the other 70% is irrelevant. We should be demanding political parties enable themselves to resist hostile takeovers by mandating majority winners. Consider these two articles about Republicans and Democrats.

Both articles are from FiveThirtyEight. The first explores the 5 wings of the Republican Party. The second describes the six wings of the Democratic Party.  Both articles illustrate there are clear policy differences within each Party.

In addition, these differences reflect on the difficulty of our political parties choosing between which Presidential candidate to nominate. The Republicans already sorted through a multi-candidate field in 2016 and will again in 2024. The Democrats are doing that sorting now for 2020 and may have to do it again in 2024.

So, returning to our original question, why do we need Ranked Choice Voting (RCV)? We need RCV because RCV will enable voters in each of the Parties to sort out a negotiated settlement in their policy positions. Those negotiated settlements will be a reflection of the will of the majority of each Party’s members. Independent voters will be clear then, on what they are voting for or against when they choose between the two parties. Those members of a political party who cannot abide the opinion of the majority within their Party will be free to form their own Party and compete with their original Party and attempt to persuade Independents to vote for them. And, since general elections will also be using RCV, Independents will be free to stop being Independents, form their own Party and enter the fray that way. (Oh, and by the way, as this article shows, Independents are not a coalition with unique universal beliefs. Far from it.)  RCV will enable us to achieve something close to peace in our government’s functioning and policies that the majority are accepting of.

As things stand, the majority of Americans know what they want from government. The difficulty is our election system will not deliver a government who will give Americans what the majority wants. Our system of election reforms will deliver the government that’s needed.

Please join us in making those reforms a reality.

 See you next time.



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